Interesting interview by our roving reporter Hugh Quigley with Duncan Lennox and Louella Morton from Qstream

Irish Tech News stopped off in Ranelagh yesterday to visit Qstream’s new Dublin office: actually it’s very new as they have only just moved in after redecorating it.  The colour palette and style were carefully chosen to match those used in the US office in Burlington, Boston.

The office in Dublin is now the engineering base for the company and the plan for the company is to double the headcount over the next two years.

You may not have heard of Qstream but with fourteen of the top fifteen US pharma companies included on the client list, this is one Start Up worth keeping an eye on.  So what does Qstream do to attract such stellar clients?  CEO, Duncan Lennox, explains that the company fits into the sector known as Sales Enablement, providing “Science based data driven insights into sales performance.”

Qstream helps Sales Managers and their teams to perform better through advanced data analytics and targeted training.  Their tools enable clients to focus on whatever issue might be causing a sales team to underperform.  The return on investment for the client can be measured by whatever sales metric is appropriate, be that Conversion Ratio, Win Rate, Revenue Growth, Average Quote Performance or Gross Margin Growth.

The product is designed to be flexible and customisable for different client’s needs and so far has been localised into 15 different languages.  With such rapid growth Qstream are in recruitment mode and seeking to hire additional talent with opportunities in engineering, sales and client services.


Louella Morton, VP, says that the hiring strategy is straightforward: Qstream are looking for people who want to make a difference, are passionate and have an ability to get things done.  She explains that one of the attractions is working for a company that is still figuring out what works and so many of the existing team could be classified as curious self-starters – people who aren’t looking for a lot of direction or hand holding looking to get stuck in.


The company is VC backed but has a strong focus on generating revenue, building products that customers want and will pay for.  Duncan says that whenever he meets clients invariably during the conversation he gets the same feedback, “Clients tell me two things: your product works and people love it and the second thing is your client services people are amazing.”

Qstream’s new offices used to be occupied by another start up Currency Fair before they moved on to larger premises: chances are good, that this is another Irish influenced Start Up destined to grow rapidly.

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