Irish telecoms provider, Pure Telecom, today announced the launch of its new high-speed 1,000Mbps broadband service. Available to home and business owners in enabled areas across the country.

Reaching speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, the service offers complete flexibility for downloading and consuming content, with large downloads no longer requiring advance planning. At maximum broadband speeds, movie-lovers will now be able to download a Hollywood blockbuster in under 10 seconds. Customers will also be able to download 1,000 of their favourite photographs in as little as five seconds. Businesses, meanwhile, can download 4GB of files in less than a minute.

The service capitalises on last year’s €20 million deal with open eir, the wholesale division of eir, which gives Pure Telecom’s customers access to the telco’s high-speed infrastructure. The provider will also work with a number of other networks, ensuring the perfect solution for customers, depending on their location.

Paul Connell, Director, Pure Telecom, said: “The launch of our Lightning Fibre service places Pure Telecom at the forefront of broadband developments in Ireland. By bringing motorway-speed connectivity to your internet connection, Pure Telecom is bringing untold possibilities to both residential and business customers alike. Downloading a movie will now take seconds rather than minutes, while businesses will benefit from seamless remote access to their servers as well as increased productivity and faster backups.

“As the Internet of Things becomes an essential part of everyday life, consumers and businesses require more and more bandwidth, as all of our devices and appliances require a permanent internet connection. By providing 1,000Mbps broadband, we are equipping homes for the future.”

“A few years ago people might not have believed this to be possible. We’re thrilled to be among the first in Ireland to offer these speeds and provide our customers with the top level service that they expect.”

Customers can avail of a 150Mb ‘Instant’ bundle at €65 per month, a 300Mb ‘Premium’ service at €75 per month or the new 1Gb ‘Lightning’ offering, which will cost €85 per month. Costs include line rental, as well as unlimited local, national and Irish mobile calls and unlimited broadband.

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