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Twitter is planning to release a new feature called Project Lightning later this year, a photo-centric tool which will allow users to browse tweets based on live events. Company executives outlined their vision for the new Twitter experience in an interview with Buzzfeed

Project Lightning will be curated around live events and could include anything from sporting events to music festivals or breaking news. In the Twitter app these events will be in a new menu where users can browse up to 10 curated events per day.

The content will be curated by a team of editors led by Twitter’s head of media, Katie Jacobs Stanton. Photo and video based content will be a heavy emphasis with full screen images and autoplaying videos along with a stream of tweets which the Twitter curators deem to be relevant to the topic.

Twitter will reportedly drop the timeline interface for this menu and present streams in a new full screen format with each tweet, photo or video being displayed one at a time so that users can scroll through and watch the events unfold in real time.

Project Lightning will be another attempt from Twitter to appeal to a larger audience as they struggle with user growth. The feature will appear in the official Twitter app and also on regardless if someone is an active user or logged into their account. The feature will also be embeddable within other websites which will be an appeal to news organisations and bloggers.

Project Lightning has been worked on since January and according to interim CEO Jack Dorsey, its roll out will not be delayed with Dick Costolo stepping down from the CEO position.


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