Panama-based Prime-Ex Perpetual has crossed the 2.5 million token sales threshhold in a pre-sale event that started on November 1.  The company reported today that this has secured its minimum targets during the first leg of the campaign.  Prime-Ex Perpetual focuses on the building, selling, and long-term financing of American-style homes for expats via their branded real estate ecosystem tokenized by their PEX-Token, built upon the blockchain technology available from the Waves platform.

Crossing over the 2,500,000 PEX-Token threshold for token sales is a major achievement for us.  We’re eager to get out there and begin building the homes today that will be the backbone for our ecosystem tomorrow”, said Prime-Ex Perpetual’s CEO John Gilbert.

Prime-Ex Perpetual says that once the company reaches this milestone, it will start  implementing its unique residential real estate ecosystem and breaking ground on the first houses in Panama.

Prime-Ex Perpetual will market residential real estate to expats around the world who cannot easily get financing abroad but are members of an elite group with high discretionary income.  Prime-Ex Perpetual is stressing quality, value and life experiences for expats through its extensive campaign, which has been running in the Western and European top tier media recently.

Prime-Ex Perpetual is selling PEX-Tokens on its website.  PEX-Tokens will be used in the future to incentivize homebuyers: they can pay mortgages directly with them on their newly financed homes by entering the DEX Exchange and purchasing PEX-Tokens from existing token holders.  Prime-Ex Perpetual says that it is creating a whole new asset class of value with its unique offering and is raising a new type of REIT through blockchain utilization.

Prime-Ex Perpetual pre-sale of PEX-Tokens ends November 8th.  The ICO will start on November 15th and will run through November 30th .


About Prime-Ex Perpetual

The Prime-Ex Perpetual 125 home proof of concept will occur in the cool highlands and the warm beaches of the Republic of Panama, the top expat destination for home ownership and a place where financing homes used to be challenging for expats.   Once the concept has been proven, Prime-Ex Perpetual will expand into other international locations.

To buy Prime-Ex Perpetual’s PEX-Tokens please visit prime-ex.c

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