The innovation of putting power in the hands of the people by share internet data literary delivers unprecedented and trailblazer technology that enables people to not only access internet but get paid for its use.

There is no commercial catch here, it is an opportunity to give back to society and the world which has given us all we have. We are in a world that is characterised with poverty for most of its population and where opportunities are plenty, yet due to limitations such as connectivity to internet a small livestock farmer in Isiolo, Kenya may never be able to access online markets for their livestock. Dr Ibrahim Halkano, PhD: “Thanks to SID (Share Internet Data) the ability to share internet among peer devices, a small farmer in Isiolo will soon be able to access a goat auction in Dubai or sale their shoats skin to shoe factory in China. This is enabled through Share Internet Data or simply SID for short, a Stellar blockchain enabled peer-to-peer and peer-to-multi-peer internet sharing eco-system that allows sharing internet from one person’s Android Smartphone or Tablet to another.”

SID Limited, registered in Gibraltar, products are based on a US patent granted technology which allows the extreme of de-centralization, in the true sense of the word. Meaning: it is the end-user of the smartphone with SID inside who decides everything, in the SID APP settings, if it shares his internet and what type of internet he shares, be it Wi-Fi internet or Mobile data internet. Also, it´s the SID end-User of the smartphone with SID inside who decides, in the SID APP settings, if it enters a Wi-Fi password in the SID APP to share that specific Wi-Fi with all the SID community OR in future also if it charges tokens for sharing that specific Wi-Fi internet twitch  another SID Users. For example, if it charges for the sharing of its private home Wi-Fi internet through the SID blockchain which encrypts that Wi-Fi password between servers and SID APPs. This last allows other SID users to connect directly to that home Wi-Fi in exchange for SID Tokens for consumed internet data. Another alternative that SID users currently have is not to enter their home Wi-Fi password in the SID system and only share their home Wi-Fi through his Android smartphone thus protecting his own internal wireless network from potential abuse.

The mission of SID is “To lift as many people out of poverty as possible, by means of giving those less fortunate a way to access free internet through nearby Users smartphones or tablets who Share Internet Data with other nearby SID Users.” This aim is to be achieved in future by allowing the less fortunate to consume Ads through the SID APP and SID will than provide instantly Tokens in exchange for consumed Ads. SID will provide those Tokens to the User by SID purchasing them from the public Token exchange in bulk for Users or if none are for sale than it will provide it out of the Company Token pool and purchase those number of Tokens on a future date. The Company would get paid by the 3rd party Ads firms at the end of the following month, thus requiring at least 2 months working capital, whereas the user gets his Tokens as soon as he finishes consuming Ads. Meaning the User can start using those Tokens for which he didn’t pay not even a penny and would start receiving shared internet data from other nearby SID Users smartphones or Wi-Fi on the SID network and pay with those Tokens.

SID Project has completed the private sale round of the initial token offering in December 2019, completed token distribution in January 2019 and started the last phase of its token sale on 1 March 2019 on these two public exchanges: and where one can for example purchase SIDT with ETH on exMarkets or purchase SIDT with USDT on

When we talk about putting power in the hands of the people we mean it, as we are in the process of enabling the students in Ghana to access internet through our engagement to enable them access to education through free shared internet usage in Universities campuses around Ghana and expected to move into Nigeria campuses towards the end of this year too. SID is also enabling leisure & transport internet access through the partnerships with Dunkin´ Coffee in commercial release sine over six months ago and more recent with Unitaxi association that will enable drivers to share internet with its clients for the duration of the ride through the Android App of the taxi and client. More partnerships are in the pipeline with the aim to accelerate mass adoption.

We are in business for enabling people and putting power in their hands, enabling people to access opportunities for anyone who has an idea, this is our small contribution to the world by providing solution to the internet access problems by providing ac cess to the online economy and thereby helping lift people out of poverty, by opening doors for the many who then can finally buy & sell online, apply or leverage on the unlimited online opportunities from across the globe thereby supporting the United nation’s no1 SDG of reducing poverty across the world.

In brief SID is based on “technology to do good” to the world or in other words, as the Chairman of SID used to say “Goodwill aided by technology”.

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