Pool of Stake has announced that they are joining forces with Maveric SA for the Smart Contract audit, as they believe that outstanding projects cannot be developed in a closed and inward looking fashion. Maveric will ensure that their Smart Contracts will be temper-proof and secure, which is why Pool of Stake are actively creating partnerships that can help them reach the goal of creating the first truly decentralized and secure pool to stake Proof of Stake coins.

Maveric SA is an innovative Blockchain advisory firm based in Switzerland, supporting Distributed Ledger Technology companies in fields like project implementation, IT & Blockchain development, legal advisory, and even marketing and communication.

The first quarter of 2018 has been challenging for Blockchain companies, especially for the ones launching ICOs. The uncertainty caused by the debate on regulation has taken a toll on the market. Nonetheless, there is bright hope. South Korea, once the most active crypto market, is looking to reverse its ban on ICOs. China’s ban on ICOs is being easily bypassed and will probably make the government reconsider its ban on new coin offerings. In other parts of the world, like the European Union and the US, regulation seems to be taking a positive form.

However, the regulatory environment of ICOs is yet to be defined. Fortunately, Pool of Stake will be able to rely on Maveric’s expertise in regulation and compliance, and they are looking forward to navigate together the turbulent waters of current regulation that markets are facing. This partnership will help Pool of Stake review their project in an objective manner, implementing the best practices in the industry and the necessary regulatory compliance to give their project and their investors the security they deserve.

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