Great podcast from the team at Breaking Banks – a show that explores the FinTech evolution and the disruption of banking. Click here for more such podcasts.

Breaking Banks is global, but fintech is growing so fast and furious that we have more stories than we can cover- so we are expanding.

Host Simon Spencer introduces Breaking Banks ASIA, that gets the inside look at the incredible innovation and technological changes that are setting the standard for the rest of the world.

The Big Little Data Story – Lisa Schutz, CEO of Verifier
Lisa Schutz, CEO of Verifier, has lived the “data dream”, at least as she sees it. She sold her first data analytics company, InFact Decisions, which focused on the strategic uses of data, regardless of business issue or the industry. But with Verifier, she has a different mission- to give the consumer more control over their information and to enable them to share it more seamlessly in the process of streamlining loan application. Looking at data as a resource for the consumer, and empowering their use of it, could change the entire way we think of as verifiable identity.

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