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What’s your name, what’s your company?

Anna Arterberry, co-founder of Pledgerunner. Lots of experience in product management business analysis and software quality assurance.
Where you are from? 
San Francisco, CA – Bay Area

Why are you planning to come to the Summit / what do you hope to get out of it?
To promote awareness of our product that helps people support charities with their wearable devices and fitness apps.

 Is there anyone in particular you’d really like to meet at the summit?
Investors, potential partners, Press…We want to meet everyone and anyone! Our product is for altruism and fitness. Who wouldn’t want to help fight cancer while working out on a treadmill in the gym?


What are you working on?

A platform that helps people help people. Pledgerunner lets you create healthy activities to support causes you care about.

What is awesome about it?

Use Apple Watch to help the homeless. Just sync your activity to Pledgerunner.
Where do you hope to be in 3 – 5 years time?
Company who will create and support virtual marathons all around the world. Leaders in altruism and philanthropy through technology.

How is it trying to develop and scale a project and product where you are based?
In San Francisco…it will be easy to scale and gain adoption once we establish our product with key partnerships.

What is the broadband / wifi like where you are based?

Do you have any good workout rounds for power outages or other local tech restraints?

This us not an issue for us…since our platform supports offline activities.

Social media, which ones do you use, what for?

Facebook, Twitter,  LinkedIn – for product awareness.
What sort of results is it bringing you?
We are seeing benefit…but we are in our early stages. We have a lot more to do to maximize our social media network!

What should I have asked you?
More about our founder John Eric Arterberry..his plight from being homeless which led to the creation of Pledgerunner.

We would say…Care. Actively. Join  Pledgerunner and use your wearables to help causes you care about!

We are in flight…doing this from my cell.

Thank you Anna


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