PlanB are taking the British Government to court over its refusal to align our domestic climate law with the best available science and the Paris Agreement that is signed and ratified! It is the primary duty of any legitimate government to protect its citizens from threats too large and complex for individuals to deal with on their own.

Climate change represents the most significant threat of our time. Even with the current 1?C of warming, hurricanes, drought, flooding and wildfires are gathering momentum, stoking conflict, driving mass displacement of people and destabilising our way of life. If we go much further, we risk crossing ‘tipping points’ in the climate system (such as Arctic meltdown and rainforest burn) with dire consequences for humanity and life on earth.

But if the Government acts now, there’s also an immense opportunity. An urgent transition to a new energy base will deliver millions of new jobs and businesses in clean technologies. 

The UK Government claims to “lead international action against climate change”. In reality it’s leading us and others only closer towards the brink – we want to change that and change it urgently.

More specifically the Government knows its ‘carbon target’ for 2050 doesn’t match the science or its legal obligations. It knows it’s not enough to keep us safe. So we’re taking it to court.

We cannot however, do this alone. If you are passionate about the protection of life/ conservation of biodiversity, protection of the environment that sustains our existence at the most basic level and the protection of international human rights then please offer your support. We launch our crowd-funding campaign today, 8th of December 2017.

This one is for everyone and everything. Please visit (and share) our crowd-funding link and find out who we are:

You can also follow the progress of the case on Twitter: @PlanB_earth and Facebook: @ThereIsAPlanB.

See our website for more information
Thank you for your support

Plan B + 11Tim Crosland

Director, PlanB
Towards Equity, Survival and the Rule of Law
Twitter: @PlanB_earth
Facebook: @ThereIsAPlanB

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