On May 25th next year, EU legislation, known as GDPR which will affect businesses big and small comes into play. Many businesses are still not GDPR ready and with fines up to €20M or 4% of your turnover, it’s in your interests to be fully compliant.

So how do you go about making sure that you are compliant? You could use the great offer from the Lucey Fund who have just taken over PixAlert, one of Ireland’s oldest cyber security companies. As part of the takeover they are giving away PixAlert’s GDPR auditing tool for free and details are below.

About the software
The GDPR software is called Critical Data Auditor and it will search your entire corporate network for whatever data you are concerned about. For example, you might be worried that you have credit card information, bank details, PPS (National Insurance) numbers or other PII (Personal Identifiable Information) that could cause your business to fall short of the GDPR requirements.

The more information you can give will make it easier for Critical Data Auditor to help you find it.

What do you get?
PixAlert is offering their Audit feature free of charge, and will give you a licence for the software to allow you to review all the data in your business and find any areas of concern in your business.

The licence is a once off, 1 month licence. This is more than enough time to scan even the largest of corporate networks.

How do you get the software
You can download the software here. PixAlert will create a licence for you to cover all your infrastructure. All they need to know is how many of the following you have. If you are unsure then just add in a buffer.

  • Desktops
  • Databases (Oracle, SQL, DB2)
  • Mailboxes.

Need help with the install and setup?
PixAlert can schedule a live WebEx with one of their engineers to walk you through their software and its capabilities, and they can also help you to install it.

So, what happens after the Audit?
Well, that depends on what you found and what your business needs are.

  • For many businesses, they find small amounts of data leakage, they remedy it and move on with their core business.
  • For others, they need to upgrade to PixAlert’s Management and Monitoring version.
  • This version of the software allows you to identify potential data breaches, locate personal data, delete data where purge might be required and monitor the network to find any new potential data breaches. It will allow you a greater ability to manage all your critical data in your network at rest.






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