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Pinterest is the social network which boasts a huge number of monthly users but not such a huge number in terms of profit. There is no doubt about it, Pinterest needs to start looking at ways to make money and with that in mind they have introduced a new feature called “Cinematic Pins.”

Cinematic Pins will work in a similar way to the current Promoted Pins. They will be formatted to blend in with your home feed however the big change is that they are motion based. Pinterest have already secured some big name brands on board when it comes to using Cinematic Pins such as Gap, Visa and L’Oreal.

It is an interesting concept because it is like a promoted video however it reacts to you scrolling on the screen, the speed of movement in the Pin is based on how fast you scroll, if you stop then the motion in the Pin stops, if you scroll back up the home feed then the movement in the Pin is reversed.

Tim Kendall is Pinterest’s general manager of monetisation, he told Mashable that;

“Our new mobile ad format gives brands the ability to tell their story with motion. But critically important, it keeps users in control of the motion.”

Pinterest has also revealed new ad-based tools for advertisers, they can now target specific audiences based on interests and how users engage with Pinterest. Advertisers can also recruit a new in-house creative services team from Pinterest to help create ads for them.

It is clear that Pinterest is getting serious about monetisation, their first monetisation product was Promoted Pins which they only launched last year however they have not yet disclosed how well or not the Promoted Pins service is doing for advertisers.

Its a social network service I find interesting to occasionally browse, however I am by no means a regular.


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