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Searching on Pinterest is due to get another small yet significant change. The social network is rolling out changes to the search menu at the moment to help people find what they are looking for faster than before. 

The changes are small in appearance however they are significant to how users will see search results displayed in the Pinterest app. Pinterest has become a vastly popular service from planning projects to getting ideas for a big event or even for shopping. As a result, the company is also going to start verifying high profile pinners in order to help people identify the genuine accounts from the fake ones.

Verified users will now have a red check mark next to their profile name. Pinterest is starting the verification process the same way that Twitter verifies at the moment. It will not be possible to request verification, instead Pinterest will be reaching out to company accounts they feel will benefit from verification.

Trending topics are now also going to start appearing at the top of the search bar when you tap on it. The new search interface will show pins, pinners and boards combined into one list when you start typing in your search query and a filter button will help narrow down searches.

Pinterest is starting to make big strides to becoming one of the big social media players, just recently they revealed buyable pins where users can buy a product from within the Pinterest app. Considering how many people use the service for planning events, this could turn into an online store powerhouse over time.


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