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First pictures from the PhocusWrightEurope future travel tech event takingplace at the National Conference Centre, taken by Irish Tech New’s roving tech society photography Reuben Godfrey. He has attended many major tech events worldwide, and was there at the (in)famous Web Summit chimney fire incident. He works for major tech companies in business development, with extensive international experience, you’ll find him here [email protected]

Here are the pictures from the opening night, conference report to follow from our own @tecdr

Photo_20150512_190359Photo_20150512_190506Photo_20150512_190619 Photo_20150512_190629Photo_20150512_190701Photo_20150512_190931Photo_20150512_191033Photo_20150512_191250Photo_20150512_191348Photo_20150512_191507Photo_20150512_191607Photo_20150512_191909Photo_20150512_192346Photo_20150512_192515Photo_20150512_1902192015-05-13 (2)Photo_20150512_1904012015-05-13Photo_20150512_1908402015-05-13



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