Peter Coppinger is Founder, CEO and Lead Developer at one of Ireland’s most successful, self-funded, software companies employing 80 people in Cork and keeping projects on track for over 370,000 companies around the world. He co-founded a consultancy making software for pharma companies in Cork and built the original Teamwork Project Manager to help run his business. Making the leap from consulting to product business is tough and Peter, by his own admission, is not a natural business person, he prefers to code.

We asked him where he got advice as he grew his business. Not surprisingly as a SaaS business owner, the answer was online. Peter has been a long-time follower of Business of Software Conference – he will be speaking at BoS Europe next week when it comes to Ireland for the first time – 16-17th May.

BoS speakers have included founders of SaaS and software businesses, with over 55,000 employees and a combined market cap of over $60 billion. Joel Spolsky (Fog Creek, StackExchange, Trello), Patrick McKenzie (StarFighter), Gail Goodman (Constant Contact), Geoffrey Moore, Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (Basecamp), Kathy Sierra, Clayton Christensen, Rand Fishkin (Moz), Des Traynor (Intercom), Don Norman, Dharmesh Shah (Hubspot), Dan Pink, Seth Godin, and Scott Farquhar (Atlassian), have all spoken.

We asked Peter what three talks at previous BoS conferences had the biggest impact on his business.


Peldi, CEO & Founder, Balsamiq. Coding is the Easy Part.

“Peldi made me realise business is a LOT more than code. He’s friendly, funny and full of great insights. Like me, he was a coder who has had to become a business person. This is the coder’s guide to making that move.”

Gail Goodman, CEO, Constant Contact. The Long Slow SaaS Ramp of Death.

“Growing a SaaS business takes time. Gail became CEO of Constant Contact in 1999 and was targeting SMEs when everyone said you couldn’t. She wrote the playbook for effective SME marketing, took Constant Contact through a successful IPO before selling the business in 2015. Was reassuring that when she talks about the secret ‘silver bullets’ in growing a SaaS business, the real secret is, there are no silver bullets. It’s lots of small changes that move the business in the right direction.” (Gail is speaking at Business of Software Conference USA).

Rand fishkin Business of Software

Rand Fishkin, Founder and Wizard of Moz. Helping customers find you online. The ever changing world of online marketing

“The days of build it and they will come… they are long gone. This made me realise the best products deserve the best marketing. Rand Fishkin is one of the world’s leading authorities on SEO and Inbound marketing. He is in Ireland next week for BoS Europe and I’m looking forward to spending time with him. His talk helped me realise how important effective marketing is for a company like Teamwork and that there are no shortcuts to doing it right. There are lots of techniques you can use to growth hack, or ‘game the system’ but they all come back and bite you on the backside. Rand has a brilliant ability to make things clear and understandable.”

Peter will be speaking at Business of Software Conference Europe, held in Ireland for the first time, May 16-17th at the Powerscourt Hotel, County Wicklow.

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