PCH, the company that designs custom product solutions for startups and Fortune 500 companies, is opening its product solution platform to prosocial entrepreneurs through a new Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action.

PCH specialises in helping companies navigate the many complexities involved in taking a hardware product from concept to consumer. Through the CGI commitment, PCH will help prosocial entrepreneurs turn great ideas into products that can positively impact the world. PCH defines prosocial entrepreneurs as both for-profit and not-for-profit companies developing hardware products that make a positive impact on people, communities or the environment.

“We want to help make products that answer global needs,” said Liam Casey, Founder and CEO of PCH.

Liam-Casey“Although hardware is hard, this fact should not be an impediment to getting genuinely life-changing products made and deployed. Working with partner organisations, we hope to identify and support the best prosocial entrepreneurs and help them get their products made efficiently and sustainably.”

PCH is offering prosocial entrepreneurs access to capabilities normally reserved for Fortune 500 companies. Selection into the programme will be based on potential for positive impact, as well as market viability, strength of the team, focus on user experience and ability to scale. Prosocial entrepreneurs are charged no fee to apply, and if selected, will receive PCH services at a below market rate, or in some cases, at no cost.

PCH programmes available to prosocial entrepreneurs:

  • Highway1 is a startup accelerator for early stage hardware companies which offers, over the duration of a four month programme, 24/7 access to a 1,000 square foot prototyping lab, dedicated staff to assist with engineering, business development and marketing, $50,000 in funding and a rich network of mentors.
  • PCH Lime Lab is the product design and engineering division of PCH, which takes on the most sophisticated engineering design challenges – no detail is too small and each project is unique. PCH Lime Lab works with the world’s most innovative brands, guiding product creation through all phases, from opportunity, concept, design engineering and development, to packaging, manufacturing, and the customer experience.
  • PCH Access provides an integrated platform to move late stage hardware startups from advanced prototype to mass manufacturing with an array of capabilities normally exclusive to Fortune 500 companies, spanning product design engineering, development, manufacturing and fulfillment.

A prosocial company could be eligible for support from one, or all of these services. PCH will work with non-governmental organisations and others in the philanthropy community to help identify the most promising products and companies and then design a programme customised to the needs of each company.

To read the full commitment and apply for the programme, please visit here.

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