Payzone has signed a new agreement with the Fuel Distributors Association of Ireland (FDAI) that will allow member oil companies to offer their customers the ability to make payments in over 2,500 retail Payzone agent stores throughout the country. Members of FDAI will provide customers with an account card which they can use to make payments towards their home oil heating costs.

This agreement also gives FDAI member oil companies the capability to offer their customers a budgeting tool for saving toward their oil bills, an option that was not widely available previously. Filling up an oil tank can cost in the region of €750-€1,000 per fill with approximately two fills per annum, and the FDAI were looking for alternative ways for their member’s customers to be able to pay for their home heating, and more specifically, a way for them to budget their payments over a number of months and build up a balance.

With over 2,500 retail agents throughout the country, Payzone is the largest branded consumer payments network in Ireland.

Commenting on the announcement, Brian Harte at the FDAI said: “We are excited to be teaming up with Payzone and offering our members this novel service designed to benefit home fuel customers. We understand the difficulty faced in paying a large lump sum to fill an oil tank, and we hope this new payment system will take the strain off oil customers and ultimately benefit our members.”

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