Currently, it is a fact that cryptocurrencies are ruling the finance field; but this is not a big deal. Actually, its operations are safer, more transparent, and in most of the cases, even faster.

That’s why it is not a surprise that somehow cryptocurrencies are becoming a better option than the commonly known fiat currency; and regarding this, some of the experts in the field believe that in a matter of 5 years the fiat currency could no longer exist ( at least not in a way it is now).

Nonetheless, as a matter of fact, that is only an utopia and may remain like such unless some measurements are taken to eradicate the main problem cryptocurrencies have faced since the beginning, the volatility of the market.

It is not a secret to anybody that cryptocurrencies tend to go up drastically and then fall down dramatically as well, which is a technicality that for some people work as a great investment opportunity, and for other a terrible disadvantage.

Luckily, a strong figure appeared on the picture with the hope of fighting against the unpredictability that has been holding down the digital currencies; the company is called Puregold, and it’s nothing more than the first payment gateway in using gold-back tokens.

The guarantees of Gold

As a matter of fact, Gold has been used as a trading currency for so long now; and this fact is not fortuitous, trading with gold is one of the more secure financial activities since always; it was safe yesterday, it is still now, and we can be pretty sure that it will be safe as well tomorrow.

The main reason why Gold trading remains as a safe activity, it is because of the price of this metal; it has been proved that through the time Gold can maintain its value, providing like this a ferrous guarantee for those who invest their money on it.

It is so, that some of the strongest currencies issued by a state in the past have collapsed at a point, proving that no matter how big the existing time lapse of the currency, it always can fall apart; unless of course, that currency is Gold, in which case we have the narration of history, where we have seen a solid worldwide behavior through the time.

As a result, the whole idea of putting together two of the most solid trading currencies, Gold, and encrypted coins, we can have the best of both worlds together. On the one hand, we could enjoy of the best attributes of cryptocurrencies: transparency, and promptness operations, and on the other hand, we would have the price sustainability that Gold has always given us.

An innovative platform created by PureGold

PureGold is not settling down with solving one of the leading issues in the cryptocurrency market; they also are creating a gold payment gateway, which will provide lots of benefits for its users.

The company has already ATMs Gold-related, storefront, and factories dedicated to minting Gold.

Moreover, they have established the ways their tokens are going to work, settling the PGG Gold backed token in the price of the equivalent of 1 gram of Gold, and the other token, the PGT as a transaction fund for supporting the PureGold payment gateway.

Finally, PG has taken all the measurements needed in order to keep the precious metal safe and has ensured as well they would always have enough Gold backing the transactions. Additionally, every time a PGG token would be exchanged for cash, that token will be burned.

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