Paul Dunphy is a long time friend of ITN. We first featured Paul in our Business Showcase section back in September ’15 so it was about time we caught up with him and found out what he’s been up to since.
I sat down with Paul last week and he brought me up to speed:

When we spoke to you last you were busy building your client list. What have you been up to since?

I’ve continued to build my client list and as anyone with their own small business knows, that’s always ongoing! Along with managing Twitter accounts and other social media channels for companies, authors, celebrities! etc, I do one on one consultations on how to make Twitter and social media work for you. I also do presentations on social media to groups and businesses. This is an area that I’m currently building on as I enjoy it and it’s proved to be popular.

Social Media is ever changing. What trends have you noticed over the last 12 months?

There has been so much it’s constantly evolving, mobile optimisation is a must nowadays and I’m always surprised at how many businesses haven’t gotten on to this, how you sell on social media has significantly changed. What I use way more myself is videos, especially on Twitter and Facebook, vlogging is on the rise (if you need a laugh on a Monday, and who doesn’t, check out @mariankeyes short, fun and informative vlogs every week). You can’t get away with not interacting on social media anymore if you want success online, I’ve really noticed this with businesses this year. Interaction is key to success!


Photo: Marie-Clare Byard

What advice would you give Start Ups or SMEs who are trying to devise their social media strategy?

Social media HAS to be part of every company strategy, marketing campaign, everything you do. If it’s only you or a small team, do not open an account on all platforms as you will not have the time to do it correctly. There is nothing worse that social media accounts started and not used, it really gives a bad impression to customers. Choose two platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and do them well, expand in due course to others. Two SMEs that use social media very well are @Devils_edge and @orwellandbrowne.

How could you help them?

Hire me! I can run your social media for you, and get you results. I can make you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the right people. Generally businesses take me on to run their Twitter, then Facebook etc. I have many years experience in branding, media, PR, and social media. Check out the endorsements on my webpage from @Tweetinggodess @gavinDuffy @MarianKeyes @Tomhappens

What tools do you use to assist you managing multiple social media accounts?

I like Hootsuite, but try not to become dependent on it. I prefer to use the actual accounts themselves and communicate in real time.

Looking back over the time since we spoke last, have you achieved the goals you set out?

Yes, I wanted to build my accounts and expand my business. You get busy and quiet times and need nerves of steel but all in all it’s well worth it in the end. You also need to surround yourself with positive, supportive people who will encourage you and give advice when needed.

What’s next for Paul Dunphy Esquire?

I’ve just got my webpage refreshed. I think it’s important to do that as often as you can. A superb company who I would highly recommend designed and continues to update my webpage is Brenda Doran (@elipse_wd). My webpage also includes a short video of myself explaining what I do, the video is courtesy of Paul at @studio4Dublin in Drumcondra who I would also recommend for your recording needs.

It often seems like Twitter is on shaky ground. No one want to buy them and it seems like no new people want to sign up. If the worst came to the worst and Twitter shut down in the morning, what would you do?

If you recall, Facebook was out of ‘fashion’ a few years back and look how that bounced back. I think the same will happen with Twitter. It will reinvent itself and it’s still the first place people go to express their views and to make announcements etc. It’s the first place the president elect in America goes to! What will I do? Well besides the ‘day job’ on social media, I’m also emcee and can often been seen around Dublin emceeing at events, most recently for Image Magazine, Marian Keyes and Amnesty, so maybe I would do more of that! Other than that I would try and write a fictional book which is the long term goal.

Looking into 2017, what will be success for Paul Dunphy?

Lots of new exciting Twitter accounts to run, social media presentations around the country, more 1 on 1 training and more emceeing! I don’t tend to plan too far ahead and try to live in the day.


For anyone who may not know you already, can you tell us about all the services you offer and how people should get in contact if they want to find out more?

Primarily I’m a social media curator. I run your social media for you, long or short term or in the run up to an event/launch, I can advise on what’s best for you. I also do social media presentations on making it work for you and your business and giving tips and hints that I’ve learnt over the years. I also do 1 on 1 consultations (in person or on Skype) primarily on Twitter, whereby I can go through how to make you stand out from all the rest and get you noticed by the right people. You can find out more and download a free Twitter tips ebooklet on my webpage at

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