Two Indians, Daniel Paul and Daniel Ramamoorthy, and an Irish guy, Gareth Flower, walk into a café, not just any café but the World’s 1st Smart Bakery/café bar Krust which was co-founded by Gareth. No, this is not the start of a bad joke ,but it is where the start-up Parkpnp which aims to be the Airbnb for parking spaces first started

Last September Flower had just bought his first car, and was visiting his girlfriend in Ranelagh when he faced a problem most of us have faced, he couldn’t get parking in the area. It got him thinking that there must be a solution to his parking problem, and that’s when he had his eureka moment and the basic concept of Parkpnp was born.

After doing research he noticed that nobody in Ireland was doing anything like it but it was been done in the US by a few companies in a few cities. With the two Daniels on board and also Donal O’Hagan the former car park manager of Dublin Airport, things are really starting to take off and he has gotten €500,000 investment from venture capital firm Powerscourt Capital and Enterprise Ireland.

Parkpnp will deal with anyone who has car spaces and that includes home owners, car park operators, office blocks and churches. In fact anyone with a car space that is not always used  can earn extra money with Parkpnp.

park 3-min

When you use the app a map like the one shown below appears and it shows you what car spaces are available near you as well what the cost will be.

Park2Car spaces can be hired by hour, day or even month.

Another area that Parkpnp is tapping into, is the option to pay for your parking in a car park with your smartphone and they are doing this with technology, which has been proven in the US, and is now available in Dublin’s Brown Thomas Car Park. By adding some hardware (pictured below) onto the entrance and exits of carparks, you can tap in and then tap out of the car park before paying your bill.

parkpnp phone parking

The future is looking very bright for the business as Flowers is looking to expand to the UK and is targeting cities such as Manchester which have major congestion problems. The Parkpnp app is available for Andriod and Apple phones and for more information please visit their website.

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