By @SimonCocking interview with Jason Hung, TimeBox.Network CO-Founder | CAMP CTO | EZPOS, BitRewards, ICONIC, AIDA, TokenSky strategy ICO Advisor | ICOBench Top expert and now Datarius advisor too.

 What is your background briefly?

I’m an entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing,AI and ERP related business.  I’m the co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi, TimeBox, and the advisory board for more than 15 ICO projects.  I have more than 20 years proven track record on founding startup, managing sales, RD, IT and consulting service.  And I have 9 technology related patents which using at more than 2000 Apps.   I was formal Oracle/PeopleSoft and JDE ERP consultant in Greater China.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Yes, I have a widely industry knowledge while I served as ERP consultant and managing consultant.   proven track record on management experience at sales, marketing and technical.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

Answer: I’m the co-founder of TimeBox.Network which focus on provide a decentralized custody service for digital assets.   I also help more than 10 blockchain startup companies at code review/auditing, readiness review and maturity review.

Why did you get involved with the Datarius ICO?

I was invited by project CMO to provide my expertise to improve the readiness and maturity of the project profile and marketing material. They are the bank of the future, based on the technology of blockchain.

Datarius cryptobank is a decentralized partially closed system. This enables users to decide whether to use any of variable services and applications, reducing transaction costs.

Datarius serves as a direct link between lenders, borrowers, and the related services – managers, analysts, insurance companies, funds, trading terminals.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

I foresee P2P asset transaction is a big trend in the future, especially in the mobile internet era.   There is no need to transfer an asset through any centralized organization.

How can people find out more about the ICO and your work?

People can find more detail information from their website (

My profile and my work can be reached by

Jason is an entrepreneur and inventor in mobile business, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business. He is the co-founder of Treascovery, Chidopi and TimeBox, and the advisory board of BitRewards, BlockLancer, ICONIC, AIDA, EZPOS and Suchapp. He has more than 20 years proven track record on managing RD, IT, sales, consulting service with 9 technology related patents which using at more than 2000 Apps. He was also formal PeopleSoft and JDE solution head in Greater China. He is also a blockchain expert of ICOBench and International Blockchain Consulting Announcement Group.

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