MicroWarehouse’s inaugural Cloud Camp got underway today in the Convention Centre. The conference brought together over 200 IT specialists from across Ireland to hear over 20 international experts in Cloud and a keynote from Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott, internationally renowned Microsoft experts from the United States.

The first of its kind in Ireland, the focus of Cloud Camp was on Microsoft Cloud Technology, with many recognised international Microsoft Valuable Professional (MVP) speakers. Attendees heard from speakers on topics such as digital transformation, productivity, security, compliance and governance and the future of cloud technology.

Rory Wilson, CEO MicroWarehouse said, “We are delighted to be hosting Cloud Camp and are so overwhelmed by the quality of speakers who joined us here today. A large number of our speakers are Microsoft MVPs which is an award bestowed to technology experts for their ongoing commitment to innovation”.

“Interestingly the overwhelming sentiment which emerged from our conference today was that businesses, not only in Ireland but internationally are not doing enough to protect themselves against modern cyber-attacks. Attendees felt that change had not been highlighted and GDPR had little effect on operations to date”.

“Our speakers highlighted the need for Board-room Executives and CEO’s to embrace change and find new ways to learn and implement solutions at cloud speed”

“This view is actually supported by research we carried out one-month post GDPR which indicated that 43% of Irish companies do not consider cybersecurity a ‘top’ priority. In a modern business environment, this analysis is worrying considering the recent reports of how significantly a cyber breach could affect a company”.

“Cloud Camp looked at new solutions that are instantly available to use such as machine learning that can react faster than humans and defend against attacks where they are happening. In particular, attention was paid to Microsoft 365 which protects files, emails, identities and devices against professional modern attacks”.

Keynote speaker and Co-Host of Windows Weekly Mary Jo Foley said, “I am delighted to be in Ireland and here at Cloud Camp. It is such a great event with experts from all over the world in attendance and all with a particular focus on expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies which makes it a bit more niche”.

“The pace at which technology is changing is fascinating and something I have to try to keep up with every day to help report on where we are going”.

“Paul Thurrott and I will be delivering our weekly podcast ‘Windows Weekly’ this evening after the conference and are really excited that we get the opportunity to do it here in Dublin. This the first time in the podcast’s history that it will be recorded in Ireland, so it is a real honour”.

The podcast can be watched live tonight at 18.30pm https://twit.tv/shows/windows-weekly

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