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How was 2014 for you? What was great? 

2014 was great for me. I graduated university with an honours degree in Journalism, moved into my own home and surpassed the 1 million follower mark on Twitter. All in all, a great year!

2 million followers on twitter, that’s an insane amount! Does this mean that you have a few other twitter accounts as well as the @ItsKimJackson one and @KLJDigital ?

Yes this is on a few of my own accounts. Here are some examples:

I run 18 accounts in total, that is a selection of some of the best accounts

How much time do you spend on managing them? Is it just you or do you have a team to help you with it?

I usually spend around 3-5 hours per day working on my own accounts. I manage these accounts myself.

What do you enjoy most, from the various things you currently do?

At the moment I enjoy growing Twitter accounts and helping businesses succeed through digital marketing techniques.

Goals in 2015? 

I recently launched my own social media management business (KLJ Media) so I’m hoping to grow that throughout this year. I’ve just hit the 2 million mark on Twitter so I’m aiming to reach 3 million by the end of this year.

Where do you hope to be in 2016 and moving forwards? 

I would like to hope that my business grows successfully. I have a number of other business models that I have in mind so hopefully I can launch those and continue to grow my own audience steadily on Twitter.

You have a great online presence, what tips would you give to other people trying to do the same? 

It’s all about finding a niche. If you can target the right type of audience with your account then the followers will come naturally. Hashtags are a great way to increase overall exposure and interacting with your audience can be a great way to push your engagement further.

Which social media, twitter, instagram etc do you spend the most time on? Why?

I spend most of my time on Twitter as I find it easiest to navigate and quickest to grow.

Do you think you will spend more or less time on some moving into the future?

I would like to branch out into growing audiences on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Vine in the future.

What are you strategies for work / life balance? Do you have offline / no device time outs occasionally?

When working in this field, it can be difficult to find that balance, as social media is constantly readily available at your fingertips. I like to take time out by doing things, going to places and spending time with friends and family.

Have you been to Ireland / Europe yet?

I have never been to Ireland but I have family in Spain so I travel there a lot. I have also seen Tenerife and France.

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