In addition to all the hardware news from Apple’s event yesterday, the latest version of OS X, Yosemite, became available to download and install while Apple also gave details of the upcoming iOS 8.1 update.


Available from the Mac App Store, Yosemite brings iOS’ flat design to the desktop with improved versions of functions such as Spotlight search and a new version of Safari, among other Apps, which we love.


Completing the link between smartphone and desktop, iOS 8.1 will be available from next Monday and bring with it ‘Continuity’ features which will allow you make calls and text from the desktop of your Mac. Of course the other feature that iOS 8.1 brings is Apple Pay.

While there will no doubt be widespread support for this across the water in the U.S, there’s sure to be a much slower adoption rate when it does start rolling our here. Many shops and restaurants still don’t have the hardware needed to receive data from NFC enabled devices and that’s before banks buy into it so don’t expect this feature to be commonplace for some time yet.

There should be some other bug fixes included in this update and you can expect to see it show up sometime Monday evening on your devices.

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