For the day thats in it how about some OS X Easter Eggs?

In System Preferences-Personal-Dock you can choose between two minimization effects: Genie and Scale. But there is a third effect, called Suck, which you can also use even though it is not available in the system preferences.

Open Terminal. (Finder-Applications-Utilities)

From Shell menu choose New Command and Type the following:

“defaults write mineffect -string suck” (no quotation marks)

Now you need to restart the dock. You can either do this by:

Restarting your computer.


By again using Terminal-Shell-New Command type “killall Dock” (again no quotation marks)

(If you want to go back to either of the other effects, you can just make the change in your system preferences. Or, reuse the line above and replace suck with either genie or scale.)


Click the minimize button (yellow) at the top of any open window while holding command+shift.

This will minimize the window in slow motion!


Hanker after those ‘old-school’ games?

Open Terminal. (Finder-Applications-Utilities)

From Shell menu choose New Command and type the following:

“emacs” (no quotation marks) then press enter.

Within emacs hold down ESC and press X.

With the cursor now at the bottom of the terminal, type tetris!

Viola 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 19.25.56


You can also play pong and tetris using this method!

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