What are the opportunities for Startups in Cybersecurity and the wider
security market?

Cyber Security is one of the biggest problems of our time. There are opportunities for Start-Ups and Scale-Ups

What is your background briefly?

I am a serial entrepreneur and investor, primarily in satellites and space and wider security and communications are key areas.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

The fact that this is the 60th Anniversary of Space with the launch of the Sputnik in 1957 an that Space is now experiencing a golden era, due to the fact that the world needs so much connectivity, interconnectivity and interactivity, it is as if I have been preparing for this moment all of my life. I am having the time of my life working and investing with great teams that will change the world.

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

I am currently President of EBAN, the European Trade Association for Business Angels, Seed Funds and Early Stage Investors. I also continue to be very involved in Space and am currently active in 5 global satellite projects. What I like about being an Angel Investor and a satellite entrepreneur is that you are exposed to the leading edge of technological innovation. At the same time, you get a chance to see what the next generation of entrepreneurs are thinking, doing, and building.

Why are you supporting this program?

What excites you about it? First of all, CorkBIC has an incredible reputation. Over the years, they have really built up a tried and true process and platform for turning out excellent, investment-ready entrepreneurs. I am delighted that they are now bringing all of this experience and expertise to tackle Cyber Security.

What potential business opportunities do you see coming out of it?

Cyber Security provides enormous business opportunities for entrepreneurs across the board in so many sectors. Whether it is IoT, AI, Data Protection, Data Security, Infrastructure, the environment, all are dependent now on Cyber Security. You need only read Elon Musk’s latest thoughts about AI to understand how Cyber Security will penetrate the entire fabric of our society, economy, and global infrastructure.

As an Angel Investor, we always talk about the need for entrepreneurs to have a large Addressable Market. Cyber Security offers so many opportunities for huge markets in a variety of sectors. Entrepreneurs will be able to scale up in these types of Addressable Markets.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Every day I wake up and think what can I do to make the world better. I then try and do it.

How can people learn more about the program?

Go to isa.corkbic.com – Applications close in just 1 week!

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Security permeates many
sectors and creating companies that not only startup but can scale and the
importance of advice at the right time to leverage investment.

International Security Accelerator starts, January 2018, Cork

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