Market is going up, market is going down, up again, down again. Everyone is confused these days. There are a lot of predictions out there, some of them great, some of them bad. Have you ever wondered how can an existing project or a new one enter this market, survive and grow?

“Well, to be honest… I don’t know… I don’t have a solution for everything, but I have something that can create a solution for each of your problems and you can also make some profits out of it. In this very volatile market, I am building a project driven by you and by others, not by a specific business sector or by the market that can go up or down when you expect less.

“I give you the opportunity to create your own business on the platform, the future protocol for one-of-a-kind tokens.

                                                Cosmin Grigore, co-founder Open Collectors Network

Your idea will be one of the first that uses the future protocol for one-of-a-kind tokens and it will also be validated and certified by the very nature of non-fungible tokens.

The Open Collectors Network team is very thankful towards you for being an important member of their growing community. But you trusting them is also essential for the team. That’s why they decided to get their code verified on Etherscan! 
Etherscan is the most-known Ethereum Block Explorer. To find out more about this, we recommend you to read following article: Open Collectors Network Pre-Sale details

Pre-sale starts soon and the bonus is 23%. To participate you must pass the KYC process which is detailed in this article: Open Collectors Network KYC process

Here are a few examples of how Open Collectors Network can help you:

Low-cost copyright

Are you an artist? Tokenize your digital creation in under 10 minutes! this can be anything, from a drawing or article, to a song or a movie. Easily sell it or collect royalties.

Mainstream adoption

Any IT company with unique products, users, services and so on, can tokenize them using our public API and get all the benefits of the blockchain: transparency, security, increased trust in the eyes of your customers and, most importantly, easy and economical monetization.

Enhancing social networks

Tokenize and share a little piece of “you”: this can be a part of your future success, a favor from you once you’re successful or some of your time later on, in return for financial support now.

The project’s contribution to blockchain development is in creating an independent and decentralized platform for unique, non-fungible token creation and trading.

There is a contribution to the blockchain ecosystem, in providing a new marketplace that is different in scope than average cryptocurrency exchanges.

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