Still waiting for your chance to buy a OnePlus One? While not exactly opening the flood gates, OnePlus have announced a new pre-order system which will give people another, brief, opportunity to purchase a device.

So how will it work? With their pre-order system, you’ll be able to place your order for the One and immediately be told the estimated shipping time. For the seven days prior to pre-orders (starting yesterday) you’ll be able to arrange your shopping cart and save it to ensure your checkout goes quickly and smoothly during the pre-orders hour. If you get an invite after submitting your pre-order, you can use it to skip the queue and get your device shipped right away.

Pre-orders will officially open on October 27 at 15:00 GMT. During a one hour time window, anyone can place an order for the OnePlus One.

We can only imagine that this will lead to the phone going on complete general sale at some point in the future without the need for the hoop jumping. Then again, the sequel to this phone will probably be released by then, just in time to start up the invitation carnival all over again!

You can visit to find out more about and to prepare an order.

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