Omnitude eCommerce blockchain technology provider aims to raise $20.7 million to bring its vision to fruition

Omnitude, a pioneering project to revolutionise connectivity between blockchain technologies and enterprise eCommerce systems announces that its main token sale is now live. This follows a successful pre-sale, which raised 17% of the total amount over a period of 2 weeks.The target was met prior to the close of the pre-sale and in challenging market conditions, showing real appetite for involvement in the project.

The business acts as middleware – a smart integration layer that that allows eCommerce providers to adopt blockchain on a ‘plug and play’ basis, without needing to replace existing systems. This will help to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology, making it quicker, easier, and cheaper to integrate for businesses of all sizes. In bridging the gap between blockchain theory and practice, Omnitude aims to provide quicker, safer and more cost-effective ways to solve a variety of pertinent problems for online retailers, including fraud, supply chain inefficiency, and identity theft, as well as reducing item returns and improving data security.

Participating in the sale brings an opportunity to become part of the Omnitude community as well as realise the potential rewards in grass-roots involvement in this project. The proceeds of the sale will be used to fund the development of the platform. The Omnitude team will build its own applications, but also support a community of Open Source developers to imagine, build and deploy their own through an open ecosystem.

The sale offers protection against market volatility by spreading token ownership across participants – with a cap of £50k per person, per day. The transparent and secure model relies on a pen-tested investment platform with a proven ICO security track record and uses individual wallets per participant rather than one smart contract address.

The experienced leadership team has over 70 years of collective experience across the enterprise, technology and eCommerce sectors, and has recently hired Vladimir Kalynyak, founder of successful eCommerce platform CS-Cart to drive product development. Martin Brougham, a leading innovator in international supply chain has now been announced as COO, Americas.

The core team is supported by a well-respected Advisory board, including leading blockchain authority, Sally Eaves as well as retail innovation expert, Antony Welfare, and Michael Donald, who brings a wealth of experience in the payments sector.

Omnitude has several enterprise customers and partners supporting the proof of concept development, including CS-Cart, one of the world’s leading multi-vendor eCommerce platforms, which is sold in more than 160 countries and powers more than 35 000 online stores worldwide. The proof of concept with Swisscom goes live today – key features include a single sign-on (SSO) Omnitude online profile, that can be used across Omnitude-based eCommerce websites and a stock dataflow system, which provides the capability to track real-time stock levels and automate replenishment across eCommerce websites via a live smart contract.

Chris Painter, founder and CEO of Omnitude says: “Omnitude is a radical concept in blockchain. The vision for Omnitude is much bigger than one single application.  Not only do we add value through our easy to implement eCommerce middleware solutions, but we are pushing the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology by building an ecosystem. We will share our code, learnings and resources to help kick-start other blockchain start-ups and app development projects, and we think this is an exciting space for developers too. This token sale is an opportunity to join us on an exciting journey, and be part of something big.

To participate in the token sale, see here 

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