Crypto Diva chairs Oman Blockchain Conference

Last week, Jillian Godsil, aka the crypto diva, headed off to Oman to chair the country’s first Blockchain conference. Arriving in Muscat in the wee hours she quickly discovered the strong heat of the Oman climate where the lateness of the hour had not diminished the severity of the temperature.

The Oman Blockchain Conference was organised by Bpos Global, an IT and events company. The two day conference had gathered some of the top minds in Oman as well as a rack of international speakers – of which Jillian was also one in addition to chairing the two day event.

It was an exceptional conference and it touched off on a number of key points including the work done in Estonia – holding the title of having the world’s most digitally advanced government. There are only three things you cannot do in Estonia with regards to government – 1. buy land, 2 get married and 3 get divorced!

Anyway, catch a relaxed roundup of the event – and keep watching for more.

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