Some days it strikes me just how much has changed in my lifetime. I suddenly realise that not only am I reading a book on my phone, but that it’s been years since I read any other way. I have access to more music than even existed a couple of decades ago. My phone connects to my television, and my television isn’t even technically necessary anymore.

Then I start noticing how anachronistic some basic appliances look. The toaster and kettle in my kitchen are basically the same as they ever were. So is the oven and microwave. Because things have changed so quickly, we’re in a constant transition phase.

But some technology is making its way into the future without fundamentally changing. The radio is one of these examples of technology that, rather than becoming defunct, are evolving.

It’s strange that in 2018 radio is still around. But despite its age-old technology, it retains the charm of being among a community of listeners, having playlists curated by actual people, and getting to hear others’ opinions. The limitations of the medium, however, are what make it unattractive.

A modern version of the radio is delivered by the Audials Radio app. It includes more than 100.000 radios from around the world and plays as well as records music in MP3. Tags for the song name, artist and the album cover are added automatically to all recordings and thus allows us to save our favorites tunes on the smartphone, tablet or in the cloud. In other words, it turns radio into something that can be customised and used at your convenience.

Audials has recently been updated with a completely revised start view which makes it incredibly customisable. Nevertheless, the free app has kept its popular features such as targeted music recording, wireless playing via Airplay or Chromecast receivers, clock radio and sleep timer.

This allows you to use the radio, gramophone, alarm clock and CD player in a compact, modern version and look.

By Ilan Kaps, who has been writing about sports for various publications for eight years now but his love for the games themselves go back to childhood. He loves all sorts of sports but none more so than the holy trinity of football, cricket and rugby

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