Offscript Studio is a new specialist digital content provider which aims to revolutionise how brand stories are told on digital platforms. At a launch event yesterday evening in Tramline, Dublin, the joint venture between Independent News & Media and ShinAwiL, was formally introduced to a collection of media agencies, creative agencies and marketing professionals.

In an advertising industry that is going through a period of radical change, with increased emphasis on brand safety and quality of content, Offscript Studio is looking to merge the best of TV production with the data and targeting ability of digital channels.

Led by Managing Director, Mitchell O’Gorman, Offscript Studio will offer clients a truly engaging and narrative-driven approach to how brands tell their stories, responding to the evolving nature of media consumption.

One of Offscript Studio’s first collaborations will be with style icon and entrepreneur, Pippa O’Connor Ormond, through the development of, an online video platform for female-led content. Fronted by Pippa O’Connor Ormond, the site will be a hub for female-focused storytelling and film-making across a range of topics, including fashion, lifestyle, business, technology and education.

Speaking at the launch event, keynote speaker, John Lloyd, producer of Blackadder and QI said, “Having worked as a commercial director in the halcyon days of advertising, I’m acutely aware of the power of storytelling. Audiences have always been hungry for new, fresh and meaningful content and with so many brands and platforms jostling for attention, the demand for quality content has never been greater. Offscript is proposing a way to meet this demand and I think they are to be applauded for thinking differently about how brands can tell their stories.”

Mitchell O’Gorman, Managing Director of Offscript Studio said, “The advertising industry is going through a period of rapid and radical disruption. The rules of the game have changed and the industry must adapt or get left behind. Offscript is launching an entirely new way for brands to communicate, through long-form video on digital channels, and we genuinely believe that we are launching a new wave in advertising that will hugely benefit everyone involved.”

Pippa O’Connor Ormond said, “For four years now has been the go to website for women of all ages to get fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice. I have always wanted to start creating video content but the goal was to do it on my own platform, in a unique way that hadn’t been done before. will be current, entertaining and inspirational. I’m so excited to be working alongside Offscript to bring new and fresh content that I know the viewers will really enjoy.”

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