A hidden world is about to be revealed that will excite, teach and inspire the next wave of ‘digital’ natives. Today’s kids are the most connected generation in history with over 72% of Irish children using the internet daily, via a smartphone which is the most popular device. This brave new reality isn’t just about new gadgets, as technology has shaped how kids interact, learn and communicate. Using Augmented Reality (AR), Octagon Studio has introduced a range of alphabet flashcards that brings education to life through the power of 4D+.

With Octagon 4D+, flashcards are no longer boring as AR adds computer generated graphics, sounds and information to the natural world, allowing kids to interact, explore and play with digital elements through the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Using a free app downloaded via Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Octagon Studio who have offices in Ireland and Indonesia, have launched their AR alphabet flash cards in Ireland and you can buy them at the I Believe Christmas Village in the IFSC. There are two different sets of cards on offer, Octaland 4D+ and Animal 4D+ and they are designed to teach kids about the animal kingdom, various types of occupations and space using the 26 letters in the alphabet.

So if you are interested in Augmented Reality or know somebody who might be, the cards are only €10 and they are ideal Kris Kringle gifts or stocking fillers.

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