O2’s Freedom Internet Prepay plan has had its data allowance upped from 1GB to 7.5GBs. If you top up by €20 per month you can now avail of the increased data allowance. €10 of your top will be consumed to pay for the data, you can see the rest of the associated charges and inclusive units in the graphic below.

O2 has been on a bad run for quite a while now, losing market share quarter after quarter and seeing revenues decline. Crazy decision making with regard to pricing for their monthly plans and huge reductions in included allowances were the main driver for the decline. It came as little surprise to everyone in the ITN team when we saw the company go up for sale and we should see it become part of Three sometime in the new year.

While their monthly plans still represent some of the least value options available to consumers, they have actively tried of late to compete again on the Prepay front. There is now a €20 per month option for either unlimited calls, unlimited texts or unlimited internet with a further €30 per month option for unlimited calls and texts. Of course unlimited is the term used by the network but in reality that mean limited or at least restricted once you exceed the fair usage cap.

Check out the graphic below for details of the Freedom Internet plan and this link for more details of the other plans.

O2 Freedom Internet Prepay





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