Nuleaf Tech first began in 2015 at NASA AMS and in 2017 secured $100,000 initial funding and a letter of intent from the No.1 winery in the United States. By combining plant modules and cells that contain waste consuming bacteria, NuLeaf have developed technology that can clean thousands of litres of wastewater sustainably.

Speaking at the RebelBio Demo Day at Imperial College London, CEO of NuLeaf, Rachel Major, says “Nuleaf harnesses the power of nature, turning waste into a resource – and our systems are as efficient as they are beautiful”

NuLeaf have even created a compound modular unit that could fit inside your home. The ‘NuTree’ can treat thousands of litres of water a day and is self-powered by a micro-powered fuel-cell.

In the past few months NuLeaf created a horizontal proof of concept and aims to create scalable vertical and modular systems by 2019.

NuLeaf are seeking an investment of $700,000 for 18 months.

(Breakdown: 30% towards Salaries, 32% Vertical Systems, 18% Marketing, 11% Modular System, 9% Integrated MFC)

The entry market? Beer companies.

“Brewery’s create a lot of waste water that municipal plants can’t normally treat… With the NuTree we can’t compactly and exactly meet their waste water needs. Some brewery’s pay millions in waste water treatment. A small brewery might need 5-10 of our systems and at $10,000 a unit we’re a fraction of the cost”

“We believe the solutions to the world’s greatest challenges are right outside window and by looking through nature’s lens we can create biomedic technology that revolutionises humanities relationship between nature and tech for the betterment of all”

The vision for NuLeaf is to foster sustainable lifestyles for resource independence on an individual, communal and global level.

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