As part of National Science Week Ireland, NUI Galway’s O’Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance will host the free event NanoDance, exploring the science of the very small through dance theatre on 15-16 November at 6pm.

This multimedia production will examine the science of the very small through choreography, lighting and projections devised by visiting artist Deidre Cavazzi, Dance Department Chair, Saddleback College. The performance will be preceded by a short Nanoscience talk by Dr Jessamyn Fairfield from the School of Physics at NUI Galway. Eight performers, current and alumni students of NUI Galway, will take to the stage, bringing to life concepts like quantum confinement, wave/particle duality, and the relationship between frequencies and memristors.

This production provides a fun and creative way to merge scientific concepts with multimedia performance. Choreographer Deidre Cavazzi, a visiting fellow from Southern California, specialises in designing interdisciplinary productions to explore scientific concepts through live performances.

Deidre Cavazzi, said: “It has been exciting to work with NUI Galway and Dr Fairfield’s lab to develop this project. I hope to create an immersive and interesting environment for audiences to learn more about nanoscience while also enjoying a theatrical performance.”

This work is supported by the Institute of Physics and Galway Science and Technology Festival. Performance will be approximately 75 minutes with no intermission, and is appropriate for all ages.

Admission is free and pre-booking of tickets is advised by visiting:

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