Vlingo is a voice recognition app available for most devices (Apple, Android, BlackBerry and Windows) is been purchased by Nuance. Nuance is a company best known for producing the voice-to-text and voice recognition software, Dragon Speak. It also makes the speech recognition software for BlackBerry devices. According to their press release the success of Siri spurred them into making the purchase. They hope it’ll speed up the development of this type of software. With the rumoured development of Apple TV’s controlled by Siri this could be a developing market. I’m not so sure how successful this type of software will be in the long run as personally I dont like talking to my phone or any type of mechanical device. But in saying that most people were afraid to answer their mobile phones in public places when they first came out and now we are happy to use them even in the middle of a lunch date! Go figure. Let us know what you think of this type of software and if you use it at all.




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