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As wearable technology becomes more and more affordable, and more sophisticated in what it can track, so the potential increases for what we can do with it. There is a worldwide quantified self community that shares information and discussion about the latest self-tracking tools, and the latest uses of them.

There is a Dublin section of the Quantified Self movement, and even more usefully the next event is tomorrow evening from 6pm to 8pm at the Trinity Science Gallery. These are small informal relaxed affairs, affording the opportunity to meet up, learn from, and compare ideas with some of the most interesting and active people in this field. It’s free to go and if you’re thinking about developing ideas in this area it is a fantastic opportunity to meet some really relevant people.

A large amount of personal tracking data is already being used among elite athletes to track performance and behaviour. The Irish Rugby team are the most high profile of many sports already using sensor technology to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. At a government level the value of this has been recognised with the creation of the CLARITY Centre created in 2012, for sensor web technologies, to help support further development into the opportunities available in this area.

To sign up for tomorrow’s event see below.

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