We’ve seen “More Mobile” are coming soon but another mobile network has just launched. 48 months has a unique selling point in that it’s only for people aged 18-22 years old. There’s also a data offering of 1 weeks unlimited data for 2euro (fair usage 500mbs??? I hate that word unlimited!).



€10 a month. All calls. All texts. To any mobile network.

That’s the deal. Some say it’s too good to be true. Others say where’s the catch? We say, it’s all for real. But be warned, we’re not for everyone. If you’re living in those reckless 48 months between your 18th and 22nd birthday, step right on up. If you’re not, sorry; don’t hate.

It uses the O2 network to supply it’s services but it’ll be interesting to see if anyone takes a case against them for age discrimination 😀 If you do sign up let us know what you think. I unfortunately am a little too old for their network 🙁 Where’s my solicitors number!! CHeck them out here: http://48months.ie/



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