New research released by Marriott Hotels, reveals that a whopping four months* of your lifetime is saved by using technology.

In a time-poor society, time is a luxury and with the introduction of innovative technology, business travellers are saving valuable time so they can get more out of their trips. With this in mind, Marriott Hotels can now reveal that 9 out of 10 (92%) business travellers from the UK, Spain, Germany and France say that technology is helping them free up more time for leisure on their business trips.

A new film that has launched today, which features Tech Expert and TV Presenter Georgie Barrat, who talks all about the future of travel and how you can benefit by making the best of the time you can save (especially on business trips), using technology.

Georgie Barrat says: “People are looking for more efficient ways to travel because we are so time poor. We want to do it all, we want to go out and experience the World. So to have technology that’s streamlined and helps save us time is really, really important.”  

As well as utilising reward programmes, business travellers are constantly finding ways using their phone or other devices to save time, as over 3 in 5 people in the UK (66%) use mobile apps to aid their business travel experience and just over two fifths (42%) use their mobile wallet on their phone.

How we save time communicating is more important than ever before, as almost a third of business travellers relying of translation tools whilst abroad, reveals new research.

Shockingly, younger business travellers (25-34 year olds) find that the latest technology in hotels is more important than the comfort! 80% of people in that age group say that having the latest technology at their disposal improves their experience, more so than comfort.

While you’d expect business travellers to use tech whilst running around on their business trips, the survey revealed technology for checking in and out of hotels has improved their business travel experience more than planning and booking activities. It seems that the time saved is more valuable, and can be invested back into enjoying their leisure time.

“We use our smartphones not just for staying in contact and being connected, we also use them for things like being able to pay for stuff, that’s starting to expand even more and we’re using it to have access to our hotel rooms.”

In the film, Georgie outlines three exciting areas of technology for the future, which includes the Mobile Key, chatbot concierge and real time translation app. Georgia informed us that, “Chatbot is a really big tech trend. We’re starting to see Chatbot help to plan your itinerary and even book things like your flights. So having Chatbot whilst travelling really helps save time and eases things.”

Although we don’t trust them powering our cars, the new research states that over two-thirds of business travellers (68%) would choose to stay in a hotel run by bots/AI.

Overall, Brits seem to be taking a great interest in AI, and Georgie Barrat would agree as 63% of UK travellers would trust AI to organise their business trip from start to finish. The research also showed that 7 out of 10 Brits are excited about the prospect of AI becoming a bigger part of their business travel experience.


Georgie says, “The future of technology and travel is so incredibly exciting, we’re already seeing massive advancements in this area. All this gives you more free time to go and enjoy other things apart from just the business side of things whilst you’re travelling.”


Watch a new video of TV presenter Georgie Barrat who discusses the future of travel and technology as well as the key areas of technology for the future here.


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