New rail map includes ALL Dublin train and tram lines, with interchanges clearly labelled has been launched this week.

The project and website have been produced independently of Dublin’s public transport operators, but using information they make publicly available. As with the map, the site is currently a BETA version, and feedback from Dublin public transport users on it is very welcome.

Features include:
Wheelchair accessibility and bike parking information is featured for the first time
The map uses a high quality design – similar to those found in other major European cities
New Dublin travel site provides travel information for bus, rail and trams all in ONE place
Visit the new Dublin Public Transport site,, to access new map and website

Although there has been a rail revival in Dublin in recent years, with a significant expansion of Dublin’s tram and train networks, graphic design has failed to keep up. Go to any railway station or tram stop in Dublin and you may be struck by the lack of a map highlighting how all the rail services integrate with each other. This contrasts with the maps at stations and on trains in other European cities.

With this in mind, Chris Singleton of Style Factory Communications and designer Richard Hart of Grey Dog Design worked together to fill this gap. The result: a new Dublin Rail Map showing all rail lines in an easy-to-understand format that wouldn’t be out of place in other European capitals like London, Paris or Berlin.

Map features

The map features all DART, Commuter and Luas lines along with at-a-glance frequency guidance.
Wheelchair accessibility information for each station is included on the new map – something that is missing from existing maps.
The map provides clear information regarding which stations provide bike and car parking.
The map includes the two Airlink airport bus routes to help visitors to Dublin switch easily from airport buses onto other modes of transport in the capital.

This new map could serve as a valuable travel resource for both Dubliners and visitors to the city. It’s currently a BETA version, and feedback from rail users in Dublin is very welcome. The map can be viewed and downloaded here.

Despite the expansion of Dublin’s public transport network in recent years, the capital currently lacks a Dublin-specific travel website to help people make the most of it. So Chris has also launched an easy-to-use website that provides, in one place, all the information needed for anyone wishing to travel around Dublin.

The new Dublin Public Transport site, aims to give users:

• a clear, concise overview of the travel options available to them
• a high-quality Dublin rail map
• easy access to the journey planners and real-time travel information
• key information about wheelchair accessibility on public transport in Dublin
• information about how to take a bike on Dublin’s public transport network

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