Weapons of mass CoinStruction: New partnership with DE Asset Management Fund

 Some good wind blew right from the start of 2019. We’re delighted to announce that CoinStruction has signed a new major partnership with the DE Asset Management Fund Ltd.

DE Asset Mgmt is a Canada-based helping promising and upcoming projects to acquire funding and is among the leading ones in terms of crypto assets. It started as a sole proprietorship in 2010 and acted as a hedge fund for a while right until 2013 when DE Asset Mgmt started making Venture Capital investments.

DE Asset Mgmt are early adopters of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and has helped to raise more than 45M USD since its establishment.

The fund is combining a hands-on management style with diligent technical analysis when choosing which projects to with. There are about 20 projects in DE fund’s portfolio at the moment.

The connection was made by Mr. Art?ras Svirskis who is the head of strategic partnerships at CoinStruction and is working as an advisor for the DE Asset Mgmt and is a close acquaintance of Darrel Emanuel, the funds’ founder and president.

I and Darrel have been working together for more than for 8 months. I believe in the vision that Darrell has created and believe that the close partnership will help their portfolio tokens to become strong players in the crypto industry” – commented A. Svirskis

We feel that CoinStruction has a lot to bring to the table for projects supported by DE Asset Mgmt ranging from integration into CoinStruction’s liquidity framework, offer to list on ExMarkets or facilitate listing on third-party trading platforms, help support token trading environments with orderbook management and other B2B services provided by CoinStruction.


When asked about the partnership Darrel Emanuel replied: “I think the partnership between CoinStruction and DE Asset Management will create a very competitive force in our industry. When you combine the Crypto Exchange Expertise and Experience of CoinStruction and our Investment Expertise with Crypto Asset we Form a Dominant force.”


There’s plenty of room for mutually beneficial development to be achieved by working together and we will make sure that we squeeze the best out this opportunity.

More about CoinStruction, who are is creating the ultimate liquidity framework of the cryptocurrency industry. It aims to achieve its goal by aggregating valid and internally verified cryptocurrency buy and sell orders from exchanges integrated into its architecture.

Cleared orderbooks will give the users access to the best spot rates from around the world and allow the optimization of trading activities through the provision of a secure digital liquidity gateway open at all times.

Currently, CoinStruction ecosystem consists of two functional cryptocurrency trading platforms ExMarkets and CoinSupply, a digital wallet CoinAM and a digital OTC desk CoinStruction PRO to be launched by Q1, 2019.

CoinStruction — the world’s largest crypto orderbook!

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