A new online study resource aimed at helping Junior Cert students has been launched by a trio of 16 year olds. Based in Dublin, Johnnie Bell, Eamonn Flannery and Jack Manning have launched JC-Learn and hope that their experience from earning a collective 30 grade A’s in their own Junior Certs can help others to excel.

To find out more about the new service and how three 16 year olds came to launching this new business, we spoke with Jack Manning from JC-Learn.

Can you explain what JC-Learn is?

JC-Learn is a new online study resource for Junior Certificate students. It offers A-standard notes across 11 of the most popular subjects, the answers to past exam papers, and our expertise study advice across all 11 subjects telling you the do’s and don’ts and how to succeed in the Junior Certificate. Also there is a blog which is filled with extra on the go Junior Cert related tips and news.

As well as that there is a forum for students to communicate with each other and a “Message an Admin” service which lets the student seek personal assistant from one of our founders through e-mail.

Can you tell me a little bit about your background?

I’m the founder of JC-Learn along with Johnnie Bell and Eamonn Flannery. I went to playschool with Johnnie and we both became friends with Eamonn in secondary school. Johnnie and I received 11 Higher Level A’s each in the Junior Certificate and Eamonn received 8 with 3 B grades. We were all invited to the Irish European Union Science Olympiad from our high results in maths and science in the Junior Cert and I was recently also invited to the DCU Junior Certificate business awards from a high result in the business.

I have a passion for business, technology and education. JC-Learn is a perfect way to channel all three interests into one. I used to be a part of my local coderdojo and I especially like to make websites.

What was your motivation for starting the website?

Last year I continuously found myself Googling questions and trying to find notes and exam answers on the web related to the Junior Certificate. Every search returned with poorly made content and resources which provided little or no assistance. I realised there really isn’t much on the web related to the Junior Cert. I decided I better do something about it but was stuck in the middle of my studies so I waited and collected all my notes and exam answers from throughout the year. This provided the basis for my idea.

In September I went to the Jordan Belfort talk in the RDS, after seeing the man who provided most of my motivation for my previous years work, I was propelled into motion to turn my idea into something so the team was assembled and we began work.

Can you explain how JC-Learn can help students with their studies?

JC-Learn will help students in many ways, it will provide motivation, advice and assistance for someone studying for their exams. Besides from this it will provide quality content simply just not found anywhere else on the web. It consists of the notes, answers and personal tips which led us to success in our exams so you can be assured everything is fully tested. It provides a tunnel vision view of studying and often students are unsure where to start but JC-Learn will tell you exactly what to do throughout the year.

Asides from this it is fully mobile and tablet responsive so why not have a look at a few revision notes on your bus journey to school? It’s easy to use and not cluttered which will provide a distraction free studying experience either online or printed off.

And for any parents reading this why should they sign up their children to JC-Learn?

Well, what parents don’t like to save money and help their children’s education at the same time? It’s the cheapest online study resource for the Junior Certificate as well as the most in depth. Grinds are expensive these days with one session costing anywhere between 25-60 euro’s which is outrageous to say the least. Or even take for example the revision books commonly bought by parents, each cost 10+ euro which makes an entire set of these well over 100 euro. JC-Learn is a fraction of this cost and offers 11 subjects under one roof.

How much does the service cost?

A yearly membership to JC-Learn costs 15 euro for access to all content or there is also a free trial account you can sign up for to test it out! You can sign up on www.jclearn.ie in seconds and pay by credit/debit card or using your PayPal account.

What’s the best way for people to find out more?

You can simply go onto www.jclearn.ie to find out any more details you wish or email us at [email protected] for any further questions.

You can also follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

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