Eurosender has officially launched today in the Irish market offering courier rates up 70% lower than standard courier fares.

Through negotiated partnerships with all major European couriers, Eurosender, which is currently operating in 30 markets, offers consumers and SME’s lower prices by leveraging its high volume of shipments, allowing it to negotiate affordable shipping prices.

Ireland is the 30th market that the company has launched in since its successful launch in 2014 which has seen the company experience year on year growth of 400%.

Customers can use the booking engine to book a door to door service, with Euorsender offering the best option based on price, quality, and speed through its agreements with established couriers such as DHL, Kuehne+Nagel, GLS, DPD, Chronopost.

The company was founded by 25-year-old Slovenian entrepreneur Tim Potocnik who, after living abroad in Poland found himself unhappy with the limited and expensive options available to European citizens by courier companies. Traditional methods involved a lengthy process of calculating the final price, multiple phone calls, and a lack of transparency which translated into high costs and increased efficiencies. He decided to create a start-up that would make the shipping industry more accessible and customer oriented.

Since its launch three years ago, the company has become a rapidly expanding booking engine, specialized for shipping various items such as freight transport, luggage, packages, parcels, sporting equipment and more throughout the EU. The company’s expansion plans will, in addition, see them move towards cargo and containers in the short-term.

According to Tim Potocnik, Founder, and CEO, by aggregating the demands for shipping services, Eurosender is in a position to offer its customers a transparent, efficient and cost-effective option when transporting goods to and from Ireland.

“The idea to create a system such as Eurosender was born out of frustration with the complexity and cost of shipping between European cities. We created a platform for aggregating the demands for shipping services. This means that we have united Terms and conditions which apply no matter which courier company performs the delivery service and we act on behalf of the customer if any issues with the transportation arise. Our focus is on economy of time thanks to the simple ordering process, which means Eurosender is not just a comparison website, but it assigns the courier company depending on the price ratio. Our service is proven to be cost effective and we are happy to introduce it to the Irish market.”

“Our decision to formally launch in Ireland is demand-led. We have seen a steady increase in the number of traffic to and from Ireland. Thanks to the high number of expats living here, the volume of shipments has been in continuous growth over the past few months. We’re just getting started with marketing activities in Ireland, and we have already registered several hundred companies that use our delivery service on a daily basis. The most popular routes for Irish companies are to and from Sweden, Germany, and Portugal, followed by the UK.”

Current Rate Comparison Based on 20kg Packages

ROUTES UPS FedEX DHL Express Eurosender
Ireland-Sweden 213,99 € 243,55 € 219,03 € 49.99 €
Ireland-Germany 160,75 € 243,55 € 219,03 € 41.99 €
Ireland – Portugal 213,99 € 243,55 € 219,03 € 32.99 €
Ireland – UK 138,72 € 236,31 € 133,04 € 22.99 €
Ireland – Poland 220,01 € 268,55 € 219,19 € 41.99 €
Ireland – Croatia 203,71 € 384,11 € 219,19 € 42.94 €


For the end user, the Eurosender shipping process is simple. Users of Eurosender standard shipping services can make an order through the web page, selecting the three parameters; country of pickup, country of delivery and item weight. The system will automatically generate a final price, which will not increase throughout the booking procedure. All items are insured for the value of up to €200 for damage or loss, and can also be tracked by the provided tracking numbers.

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