Whatifi is a new Irish Social Reconnection App. The day after a night out it reconnects users that were in the same venues the night before. Pubs, Clubs, Gigs, restaurants etc. and it could be thought of as one of the ultimate hangover cures.

The aim of the app is to connect like minded people that have attended the same events. The events we attend tell the most revealing story about our social preferences. What venues we like, what music, what bands, what DJ’s, the food we like, the drinks, the sub cultures etc. Whatifi is a day after a night out app that reconnects you to people from the night before and is perfect for the Christmas party season coming up and for the 12 Pubs troops.

How Whatifi works:
Whatifi works by using reverse geo coding check ins.
It checks users in at each venue they visit on a night out and it updates the user’s private social timeline the next day. Users for users it remembers all the places they visit on a night out can then review the places they visited the night before by tapping the venue on the timeline screen and then they can see all the other users that attended that venue at the same time and they are then free to send an introduction and begin a conversation. Imagine waking up to a message from someone you fancied but didn’t get to meet the night before.  Maybe you both passed each other, he leaving as you arrived.

Ultimately people users will get a chance to re-experience an event post attendance by connecting with the other attendees. Up to now when a club or gig finished that moment in time was over, and any chance to connect with people there was over too.

Whatifi launched last Monday in both the App Store and Play Store.

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