Qurrex and Sunbay announced a strategic partnership to create a blockchain based hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. This partnership will create a cutting-edge hybrid cryptocurrency platform combining traditional stock exchanges with a decentralized network to sypport the rapid growth of cryptocurrency trading.

“This novel product requires the combined efforts of a highly professional team and strong management to build the system on time, with approved stability, fault-tolerance, and security. We are thrilled to team up with Sunbay, a company that has resources to support us in developing The Qurrex project. Our partnership will ensure that we attain our goals within the required timeframe.”- said Qurrex CEO Matthijs Johan Lek.

Sunbay supplies IT products and services as part of BizAps. Sunbay is an international company with offices in The Netherlands, Moscow and Ukraine. They provide global consultancy, software development and chain integration services to major companies within the telecoms, banking and financial services sectors amongst others.

Qurrex’s platform offers a novel decentralized solution to provide secure, high performance trading. The new trading terminal will be accessible to the public in March 2018.

Qurrex’s platform integrates the infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges (CEX*) like NASDAQ with a decentralized blockchain-based exchange (DEX*).  The platform will  set a new standard for crypto-exchange products, with high levels of reliability, security and speed.

Qurrex is developing this secure, high-performance trading platform and they believe its project will become a major gateway for professional institutional stock exchange participants to join the crypto economy.

About Qurrex

Qurrex, initiated in November 2016, has integrated industrial-grade infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with a decentralized blockchain network. Qurrex is attracting funds to support the development of the first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, which will encompass the best features of traditional exchanges and offer blockchain technologies for brokers and investors.

Qurrex is launching its ICO in winter 2018 and aims to attract 50 million USD ($50,000,000).  ERC20 Tokens will be available for sale in Bitcoin and Ether, or in USD and Euro.  The initial price of one token is 1 US dollar ($1.00 USD). No tokens will be issued after the ICO, and the undistributed tokens will be burnt.

For more information, please, visit www.qurrex.com

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