Latest interesting guest podcast from the Breaking Banks Team, see more podcasts by them here, and their website here. Image by Hans from Pixabay.

Today, JP Nicols and new Fintech5 host Jason Henrichs co-host a line up of diverse experience and expertise all making innovative inroads in Fintech.

First, we have on Debbie Biannucci, CEO of BAI Beacon to talk about what kind of innovation banks can look, both technological and beyond tech, and promoting the BAI Beacon conference in Atlanta on October 4-5.

Then we are joined by Ramy Serageldin, CEO of HoneyFi, a new app that helps couples figure out how to combine finances. After experiencing the tensions that come when couples merge their finances, Ramy and his partners decided to work on a technological solution to make the conversation easier and more productive.

Then we talk to Paul Walker, SVP of Corporate Development at Q2 about how API technology will open up opportunities in banking, and create the flexibility for growth that both large and small institutions need. And we also chat about the transition from startup to established player, and what those growing pains mean.

And we wrap up with Divine, the founder of BLAK Fintech and Wole Coaxum, CEO and Founder of Mobility Capital Finance, Inc. about their plans to encourage entrepreneurship and bring more people to the fintech table. Though they have vastly different routes to their project, they share very common goals to use tech and create financial services for populations that have never been a focus of the financial industry. They are BLAK Fintech and MoCaFi and we highly suggest that you follow them!

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