A new app has been launched which aims to help you discover the exact locations of over 800 outdoor playgrounds and indoor soft play centres in the Republic of Irelands.

The playgrounds, together with directions, are displayed on a map on your smartphone or tablet. The app uses GPS on your smartphone to guide you to the precise location. According to the developer, insuring that the directions bring you to the exact location, rather than an approximate, has been their top priority.

At present the ‘Playground GPS Ireland’ app lists 659 outdoor playgrounds and 146 indoor.

In addition to the location of indoor play centres, the app provides their contact details, links to their facebook page and website, and a ‘one touch’ phone dial feature to call the play centre.

App features:

• Nearby Playgrounds – Find playgrounds & play centres closest to your current location.
• Search by Town – Search from a list of towns organised by County, and display the playgrounds in that area.
• Search a Route – Choose a departure and destination location and get a list of playgrounds along the route.
• My Favourites – Create your own custom list of your favourite playgrounds.

In each of the search features the app displays the 10 closest outdoor playgrounds and 5 closest indoor play centres. The app also has its own database of approximately 1,850 towns, town-lands & city suburbs so you can easily refine your search.

The app works with Android 4.0 and up and an iOS version for the iPhone is due to be released in early May.

You can download the App from this link.

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