NDRC Catalyser is a new early stage investment programme aimed at startups and founder teams with deep industry or research based knowledge and technology. While open to all, NDRC are particularly interested in academic researchers with early stage concepts and know-how who can deliver a commercially focused service or product within a six month timeframe. The programme is non sector specific, with NDRC offering an investment of up to €100k along with mentoring, business insight and senior commercialisation expertise over the course of the six months. To find out more there is an Open Evening in NDRC on Monday, 9 November 2015 from 18:00 to 19:30. Application forms are available at www.ndrc.ie/catalyser/ and the deadline for entry is Thursday 12 November 2015.

Ben-Hurley-CEO-NDRCMr. Ben Hurley, CEO NDRC, said:

“We are targeting those founders who may be currently working in research, or indeed in industry, and have seen a real business need that they have the insight, skills and technology to meet. It can be either product or service led so long as it has the ability to scale internationally by addressing a global market opportunity.  As with all NDRC investments, the venture must be capable of generating interest from investors and/or creating viable revenue streams within six to nine months.”

Applicants who meet the programme criteria will be invited to pitch their proposition to an NDRC selection panel at NDRC before the end of November. Successful propositions at pitch stage will be invited to a one-day workshop to develop and agree the key business milestones required to achieve second phase investment. Once milestones are agreed, formal offers will be made. For participants there will be an initial investment of €30k for equity with a further €70k accessible subject to achieving pre-agreed expected progress and commercial potential. NDRC Catalyser investments will close in 2015, and the residential programme is planned to commence in January 2016.

Full due diligence and commercial validation will take place as part of the programme which is reflected in the investment structure.

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