With kings and queens inside his bag, Hulaki was a man of power.

Hulaki is, of course, a postman. Hulaki’s area of responsibility was a hilly, treacherous, and sparsely populated Nepalese townland, with plenty houses sited far apart from each other, so an strenous trek was required to deliver post to each of the dwellings. And the head post office was located a three-hour walk away downhill, so Hulaki’s life as a postman was not an easy one.

Hulaki is a fictional tale of a fictional postman who carried the images of kings and queens on the stamps inside his bag, hence the introductory quote above. Nevertheless, the man’s plight neatly illustrates this piece all the same.

Cue to present day, and we still find that some postmen’s professional lives are not that distant from Hulaki’s daily toil.

Postmen, delivery drivers, supply chain staff, and other personnel still find it difficult to pinpoint an item’s destination. The reason for this is the sheer diversity of postal address formats worldwide. Addresses are made up of culture- and language-specific names, codes, numbers, letters, and a myriad of other unique identificators that defy any attempt to create an unified and standard database. It is a right mess.

The solution? Digitization of postal addresses via blockchain technology

Naviaddress: Creating the digital self of worldwide addresses

Parcel delivery has always been challenging, for all the reasons stated above. The advent of the internet and e-commerce only exacerbated the problem a thousandth-fold.

Naviaddress proposes a solution whereby any place and object is assigned a digital ID. In its own marketing blurb, “the goal of a global digital addressing system, Naviaddress, is the creation of a decentralized, global, and unified address platform for real and virtual worlds.”

Naviaddress turns any worldwide address into unique six-digit numeric strings that are easily located through its app.

Types of Naviaddresses

The company will offer three address tiers:

  • Postal Naviaddress – Refers to location with a postal address
  • Custom Naviaddress – Refers to any location or object on the planet
  • Premium Naviaddress – Short custom naviaddress, 1-5 digits. Will be sold through auctions.

These addresses will be:

  • Universal and consistent
  • Convenient
  • Precise
  • Personalized
  • Searchable in Internet
  • Event – related

The benefits of Naviaddress

There currently are up to 4bn people in the world with no address. These people face social isolation of segregation, which may in turn deny them the ability to order items online, or receive post of any kind.

Naviaddress will enable an individual to create their own address with little cost, and no involvement from any Government or local authority whatsoever.

The Naviaddress system will also help to reduce waste in delivery costs. Mistakes in addresses cause companies to incur additional costs in terms of fuel, time, etc.

The simplification of the addressing system will be of benefit to:

  • E-commerce
  • Delivery and Fulfillment
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Smart cities and governments
  • Taxi and Transportation
  • Above-the-line advertisement
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Real Estate
  • IoT ecosystems

and many other aspects of both today and tomorrow’s societies.

The NaviToken

The Naviaddress system uses its own currency, the NaviToken.

The company describes this token as “a unit of defined value internal to the Platform that
may be used by any of the actors outlined above in acquiring or exchanging rights
to naviaddresses, services or any other thing within the Platform.”


Naviaddress fields an interesting concept that just may resolve the inherent (and often, unnecessary) complexity of postal addresses through a simplified numeric system that can be universally understood.

Maybe the days of toiling like Hulaki are all but numbered thanks to Naviaddress.

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