We live in a time where most of our services are crisp, compact and minimal. It has happened because most of our lives revolve around the digital world. However, there is one thing that still lacks digitization, and that is postal addresses.

Postal addresses are a real problem because of the long form that it follows. Sadly, in the digital world, we’ve missed enhancing this one aspect. We still follow the practice of writing down long addresses with detailed information.

The address formats are quite different from country to country, which gives way to a lot of confusion. Despite all the information we provide, there are still possibilities of the address going wrong. The solution to this problem is Naviaddress.

Naviaddress caters to both the physical world and the virtual world as well. Long forms of addresses and schemes are cut down to digits. This system of addressing will standardize addresses all around the world.  This solves many problems in the system. By digitalizing addresses, there are quite a few benefits that come along, including:

  • One of the best is faster navigation to places. The address is quite clear and specific, and this avoids multiple verifications and enables speedier delivery.
  • By using Naviadress, you can say your address in one universal language. You do not need to worry about anything. Be it ridesharing services like Uber or even home deliveries, addresses are seen through a digital code.
  • In the Naviaddress system, you do not need to conform to pen and paper. Instead, you can scan the digits and easily access the location. This gives no room for mistakes.
  • Naviaddress is an excellent solution to many problems today, including business and social concerns. The system is built to reach out to all locations in the world. This means reaching out to cities, towns, rural places and even the corners of the world where there have always been accessibility issues. This system will boost E-commerce, delivery processes of all kinds and even enhance the accessibility of medical needs.
  • This decentralized form of Naviaddress is digitalized and has only digits, making address quite specific and crisp. This is a massive step for businesses, especially in terms of customer satisfaction.

The blockchain technology

Naviaddress system will be deployed to the blockchain. This way, the system will not be controlled by a single entity. The platform functions autonomously and is accessible all the time. This means it gives us the option to create, own and even sell the digital addresses.

Since it is connected to blockchain technology, any person can update information on the platform. This will be verified and then put to use. With blockchain technology, the data will be more accurate since it is based on collective information that is being regularly updated.

Finally, the most startling fact about this digitalized system is that Naviaddress has existed for a while and it is not entirely new. Indeed, the system is still progressing and has nearly 5 million digital addresses on its system already.

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